Sage Sri Agasthya established the Navagraha Dosha Nivarthi (Planetary Propitiations) based on the ways prescribed by the Siddhas. Sri Agasthya had twelve disciples and he enjoined upon them to guide people in various ways for their welfare. Jyothisha Sastram 'Agasthiarukkuu Uganda Parihara Nivarthi' works were the basis on which various thousands of remedial measures were practiced by the disciple Siddhas with different angles who, by their penance could augment these remedial measures so that the present day man can be helped to resolve his miseries out of Graha Doshas, sufferings on account of past janma karmas and also born out of black-magic alone on them by enemies which is significant. On this basis remedial measures are being done in a good way.

In this background, the sage had blessed the particular community called
'Nayanar' PP. Singaravel, who are supposed to lead a very pious, God-fearing and an austere life as outlined in the Sastras so that they can continue to help humanity by making available these remedial measures as proposed by various Siddhas and also earn a decent and modest livelihood out of the same. People can certainly be benefitted by these remedial measures.

We can never forget that it is the Siddhas who showed to the world what God and Godhead is. It is the Siddhas who made us know the form of God, various aspects of his body clearly through palm-leaf manuscripts, Sastras and stone inscriptions. For the sake of the people and their welfare these Siddhas have had direct conversation with the Gods and found out the various exact details of their worship such as the method, the time and the mode as also their power (Sakthi). In the process they have even fought with the Gods for the welfare of humanity and the same is born out of their compassion. It is true that many Siddhas have done penance, lived and roamed about only in Tamilnadu.

It is said that if a man considers peace as the greatest wealth, then he should have the following 16 aspects fulfilled. They are:
1. Education
2. Fame
3. Strength
4. Success
5. Good children
6. Gold
7. Paddy (Rice)
8. Good deeds
9. Intelligence
10. Enjoyment
11. Beauty
12. Pride
13. Youthfulness
14. Daring
15. Good health
16. Longevity

But "peace" is considered as the 'big boon' above all these 16 aspects. If one does not have peace of mind one can never be happy and progress in life. Those who are in confusion can never find a solution to any problem and they also can not have a good heath. Those with a weak mind can never hope to get any benefit in life. It is, actually very important that we need devotion to God, Mantra Japa and remedial poojas to get all the above benefits. By doing the remedial measures as prescribed by the Siddhas we are sincerely aiming to render service to humanity for obtaining the various benefits provided they implement the remedial measures with faith, devotion and sincerity.
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