Establishment of all sorts of Dosha elimination Expert in Sani, Rahu, Kethu, Guru Dosha Panacea
Navagraha Remedies of Sri Agathiya and So many Siddhas.
Siddhas remedial measures were deeply researched techniques. Good or bad they would search the root cause vigorously.

This kind of vigor and trigger should be followed by ourselves. Body knowledge is the knowledge of the insight of kundalini power at transcendent stage, chiranjeevi stage and these kinds of secrets are given by the siddhas.

Knowing yourself leads to know the Almighty is the siddhantha of Siddhas. This is the life of them. Siddhas life style was in the kundalini yoga. Siddhas are able to control wisdom through yoga and meditation.

It is said that there are 18 siddhas. They have lived in different periods. ABIDANA CHINTHAMANI tells about the Siddhas and the list of 18 Siddhas given in Tamilnadu Publication's Kalai Kalanjiyam are:
1. Agathiyar
2. Bhogar
3. Korakkar
4. Kailasa Nathar
5. Sattai Muni
6. Thirumoolar
7. Nandi
8. Koon Kunnar
9. Koinganaar
10. Machchai Muni
11. Vasa Muni
12. Koorma Muni
13. Kamalamuni
14. Idaikaadar
15. Sundaranandar
16. Punnakeesar
17. Roma Rishi
18. Brammamuni

Agathiyar is also called as KUMBAMUNI and he headed first in Siddhas list. He is a Poet, Saint, Astrologer, Doctor, Palm leaf manuscripter. He is also called as MAITHRAVARUNI, URVASYA. In Sanskrit he is called as KALASI SUDHA, KUMBAYONI, KUMBASAMBAVAR, KUMBAMUNI and GHATODBHAVA.

There is a legend about his birth. A person called Mithran was attracted and fell in love with URVASI. Consequently he shed his semen in a mud pot and Agathiya was born from that pot.

Agathiya is one among the seven Rishis, so says the Rig-Veda. Agasthiya was a versatile genius. His wife and son were Lopamudra and Sagaran respectively.

Agasthiya hailed in pothigai mountain area and he presided the first Tamil sangam which was started by Pandiya King. He has done excellent work in Tamil Grammar. His work on Tamil Grammar was original and it serves as source for all the literary works.

In his book we find 12000 verses. It contains Remedial measures, Yoga, Mantharas, Medicine Astrology and remedies for all sorts of Doshas as also alchemy (rasa vaada). Apart from these various astrological truths as propounded in the Jyothisha Sastras by the palm leaf works of Siddhas, their mystical and miraculous experiences which are a source of guidance for remedial measures through precious mantras are great treasures which are helping the humanity in a big way.

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