Parihara Nivarthi Sthapitham

First and foremost for those who do not have properly cast horoscopes, we refer to the palm-leaves as 'Aruda' i.e. based on the time of their reference to us and find a direction for the solution to the problems.

For those with horoscopes, based on the astrological calculation of planets remedial measures will be done. For this, Data of birth, Place of birth and Time of birth, if given, horoscope will be cast and needed remedial measures will be carried out.


1. All types of Navagraha, Kalasa, Homakunda Anushtana poojas are undertaken. By doing these poojas one can get relieved of all types of Navagraha Doshas and obtain great benefits.

2. Chosen deity (Ishta Devata) pooja according to your star.

3. All types of sani afflictions, such as seven and half years Saturn ( Sade sathi), fourth house Saturn (Ardhashta Sani), Maarakasani are undertaken so that by doing the homa in the Bow shaped homakunda, one gets conferred with lot of good benefits.

4. Rahu, Kethu Dosha Nivarthi: Naga Dosha, Sarpa shanthi (Serpent Dosha and remedial measures) are done for 48 days as also homa in the shape of a flag and Winnow is done. The remedial measures are done as per the Dosha of the individual. For those who do not have horoscopes and whose marriage is getting delayed, they can do poojas for Rahu and kethu and obtain positive results.

5. Guru Shanthi Homa Kunda Pooja

6. Exclusive Poojas: Poojas for countering black magic, for not getting children, removing setbacks in business. One can find solutions for all these by doing the needed remedial measures. Various talismans for success and other types of occult hindrances and disturbances are also available. Yantras for vasthu dosha are also available. Even Yantras for new house warming (Graha Praveshom) are also available and by making use of these Yantras according to their specific needs one can hope to get their desires and ambitions fulfilled. The methodology for preparing the Yantras and the poojas for remedial measures will also be given for you to obtain immense benefits.

In order to follow the specific remedial measures one has to send Rs.500/-
(Rupees Five hundred) for a single person by way of a Demand Draft favoring
P. SINGARAVEL Payable at Chennai.
You can also contact in person at the address given herein.

PP.Singaravel (Nayanar)

Astrologer, Reader - Old Palmleaf Manuscripts
Sanjeev House,
No.43, Bharathidasan Street, Maruthi Nagar,
Rajakilpakkam, Near Camp Road, East Tambaram, Chennai - 600 073.
Mobile : 94443 66155 / 98401 57680

After ascertaining the specific remedial measures for an individual the details such as
the cost involved, the amount of offering, etc., can be obtained by contacting us in
person or through our e-mail address given herein.

All poojas and all the methodologies will be done and given by us only to you.
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